What is the alternate words for BINGO and GOTCHA?

What is the alternate word for Bingo and Gotcha? I want the words which are little milder than them so that they don’t mean harsh.

5 Responses to “What is the alternate words for BINGO and GOTCHA?”

  1. alli1661 says:

    voila or aha

  2. tennyo_akana says:

    Ta-da? But that might be a bit too harsh. How about ‘There you go?’

  3. Lumpy E says:

    Dingo and gotya. See these words are not in CAPSLOCK and the gotya one has one less letter so it’s not as imposing. So I am smart very much and am thanking you in advance for the 10 points best answer.

  4. Luis C says:

    AND THAT’S HOW WE ROLL ! or Disco !

  5. randompuppet says:

    Don’t listen to these old timers here. The words they come up with are too old fashioned. These cavemen like to use ancient words like “pwned”. They’re not hip with the youngsters these days. Allow me to update you with these latest trends.

    These can be used in place of gotcha:
    Fiki fiki!
    Jiggery hums!
    Gaba gaba coldington!

    These can be used in place of bingo:
    Hot meat!
    Penny popper!
    Wrruu wrruu! (roll the r’s)
    Pretty pregnant Polly!

    There you go, have fun with them.

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